Will Arnold Schwarzenegger fans embrace Total Recall reboot?

Total Recall is coming but do fans want it?

It's an action sci-fi classic and one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's cult roles but the new 'Total Recall' reboot stars Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale. Without Arnie, can we take it seriously?

How can producers of 'Total Recall' replace a 90s classic, re-tell it, and not include the star that made it so good? The one liners, the great characters and the superb script made the original so out of this world. Arnie's bulging charisma, defiance, and even dark comedy will be surely missed in this reboot.

We have not seen a great social buzz for 'Total Recall' ahead of its release and it's not getting a warm reception from fans in general. I think that Colin Farrell is a formidable actor but he's just the wrong choice to make this movie work. He has charisma, but not physical presence. Arnie's 'superhuman' athleticism made the 1990 classic more digestible. It was an ideal fit for his character, the situation, and with such a deep-rooted fan base for the movie, getting people like me to go see this is going to be near impossible.

I just don't want to see it. I'm not one bit excited by it. It doesn't reflect that popcorn light-heartedness and originality of the first. I also feel that the reboot is too serious and doesn't have that "Indiana Jones in Space" quality. It comes across as an action thriller without a heart and this story doesn't need to be retold. What do you think?

Total Recall Reboot trailer

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