Why Rebecca Black & Ted Williams went viral like Bieber on youtube

Teen singer Rebecca Black and Golden voice Ted Williams were both completely unknown to the world until their talent got revealed on youtube.

Ted Williams was a symbol of the American homeless and how people who have struggled in their past, can have a bright future if they believe in it and nurture a skill.

Rebecca Black is the young American teen, looking for fame and recognition, but perhaps without the vocals needed for big record labels to take her seriously.

But seriously, these two do posses a unique ability, which is that 'special' something. Ted had a fantastic radio voice, an instant classic that people could relate to. On top of that, his situation as a homeless person amplified the need for him to succeed and for us to support him.

Rebecca's cheesy, and 'bad' video is symbolic of all the teens in America who are searching for their big break and who use the internet to get fame. With millions of videos, remixes, parodies and home made songs, everyone is in the competition. What's different about Rebecca, is that she has managed to excite people about something that is so bad, it has become good.

You know its like a really bad movie that you cant resist to watch? People love to laugh, and share that emotion with each other. Whether its good or bad, what makes these videos viral is how they have share-ability. We can comment on them because its so much fun to say good and bad things about it. Everyone has an opinion, and a truly viral video makes us want to comment on it

Can you make a viral video that's so bad its good? I bet, and without paying more than $5.

Rebecca Black Friday Song video


Ted Williams Homeless man Golden Voice video

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