Why movie poster art is so important

Movie posters are an important element in the film marketing mix for big film studios and independent productions, so what's the big deal about some artwork?

Every time a movie gets released, a studio or film production will (usually) pre-release a movie poster as promotional material. This poster, which encompasses the message and feeling of the film, will be the main source of attention for people wanting read about that movie.

Let me explain. Any article leading up to the release of 'Movie X' will be able to pinpoint to that poster as a reference to the subject matter. It is really crucial that the artwork behind the poster is at its best to convey the subtlety of the film, its characters, and genre.

Sure, you might think, it just has to look cool, but there is so much more to it. A picture tells a 1000 words, and poster art should be one of the main tools to promote a movie.

Getting that 'high budget' look to your image requires some good photoshopping, some layering, and great composition. Even designing titles and graphics adds to the flow of a movie poster, and tells us a unique story.

Note what you see in each, the colour, depth of image, and the setting.

Next time you head to a cinema, you will notice other billboards. These are hooks for you to check out those movie trailers.

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