Why Jennifer Lopez shouldn't return to American Idol

Jennifer Lopez is no doubt a great figure to have on a hit TV show encouraging young American talent, but what about her own goals?

We recently witnessed the epic, and over-talked about burnout that Cheryl Cole experienced, who was axed from the show. However, in reality, she was worn out, and the singer needed time out, and it wasn't related to her not being 'famous enough'.

The expectations are so high for people on TV, and the demands can be overwhelming, particularly if judges are doing hundreds of other things. J Lo is set to feature in 2 movies this coming year and whether she can keep up the singing and look after her kids is another thing.

Will the show find someone to replace her? Of course. Will fans feel left out? They shouldn't, but inevitably, some will react negatively. At the end of the day, Jennifer Lopez has already delivered, and can explore other avenues. Critics and gossipers will likely fabricate stories about her salary not being enough, or that she has had a rift with Simon Cowell should she decide not to return. Good for her. It doesn't matter what other people make up as long as your happy with the final decision.

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