Why filmmakers should aim for the Oscars before getting out of bed

There is no doubt that the Oscars are the main awards event for the film industry, and like every year, the competition to enter is fierce and very public.

Even getting into the nomination categories before the official nominations are out is a big deal, because it can generate a huge buzz around relatively obscure films.

Filmmakers currently in production looking to enter their films into major festivals should consider the Oscars before they even get up in the morning to head to the set. Why aim for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place at an indie Festival, when Oscar glory will do? The filmmakers that do choose to start with this mindset are far better placed to make their films as good as possible and get into many festivals. (This is not to say that Indie film festivals are not credible, which they very much are. You should also submit to them without a doubt.)

There is however the argument that simply aiming for an Oscar defies the purpose of making a movie, but it’s the idea of what the Oscars represent that I think is more important. For me the Oscars represent recognition at the highest level from a professional stand-point. There is nothing better than getting votes from industry members about the quality of your film technically, and from the viewpoint of performances and storytelling. It’s the voice of Academy members in numbers that decide the winning or losing fate of each film, and it’s credible despite the gossip side of the press that fabricates theories ahead of the show for your entertainment.

Moving on, if you are heading into film production in 2012, consider a 2013 Oscars submission because you never know what chances that will bring you. Just to get in a nomination category is already a gift, and it will propel you to make better films, and refine your storytelling. Think big, and you will earn big.

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