Why are music artists constantly slammed for their music videos?

Artists such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and even Selena Gomez are constantly criticized for their music videos. Sometimes, their videos are ‘so controversial’ they are slammed, by their own peers ahead of the release.

Selena Gomez was recently condemned by animal charities and singer Pink for painting ‘pink horses’ in her new music video : Love You Like a Love Song, which is not even released yet.

Katy Perry took fire from religious groups for pushing the envelope with ‘I kissed a girl’ which was deemed profane by some.

Then Lady Gaga, after starting her global promotion tour for the new album was again under fire for ‘Judas’. Some say it’s a mockery of religious values, and demonizes them, but others just felt it was just too dangerous.

How about Rihanna? Just this past week the PTC, who have virtually condemned every music video she has ever made, re-condemned ‘Man Down’ for its violence. They also released a statement for her previous video S&M, which received even more flack for its ‘sexualized nature’.

Then we come to Miley Cyrus, the cutesy Disney teen turned rebellious ‘adult’ in ‘Who Owns My Heart’. The timing of this video was also controversial as she had been bashed by critics and her own father for her ‘Bong smoking’. Miley is blindfolded at the beginning of the music video, and wears, very little throughout.

What all these music videos have in common is ‘controversy’, something over the top, or amplified, but should we really be worried?

Kids are subjected to such violence on the web in other forms that music videos, although highly viewed, are less dangerous and influencing than you might think. Films have a stronger hold on opinion and belief, because you get to understand the characters. A 5 minute music video doesn’t leave a lasting impression in the way a film would do.

However, you may be concerned over the religious themes, and viewers will naturally find content that mocks their own beliefs offensive. Who wouldn’t?

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