Who will replace Jackie Chan in the Kung Fu action scene?

Chinese Zodiac will be Jackie Chan's last major action outing, and after more than 100 movies, it's easy to see why the actor wants to focus on different stories. The Asian star has been a big presence in action movies for decades and his karate kicks have become a culture phenomenon. His stunts have also become a movie standard, so who will take Chan's place in the coming decades?

After such classic hits like 'Amour of God' and 'The Drunken Master', Chan has built up a cult following which has influenced a generation of filmmakers, actors and even athletes. Crossing over into Hollywood, his 'Rush Hour' success and 'Shanghai Noon' style outings have commercialized the power of the kick. Other big stars in Asia who have managed to make it big in the action scene are Jet Li, Donnie Yenn and Chow Yun Fat. However, despite these big names, none can quite match the career depth Chan has had. The famous Jackie Chan stunt team is also a trademark of his movies, and bringing that level of action prowess into the future of cinema, with new stars, is still unclear. Let's hope Chan can still stay in top form for his upcoming outings.

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Who do you think are the next big action stars in the Kung Fu arena?

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