Which is more popular, VEVO or Twitter?

VEVO vs Twitter

VEVO and Twitter rank high, but one dominates

Comscore have released statistics of the top 50 most visited sites for the month of May which includes VEVO and Twitter, but one comes out much further ahead in the battle for internet viewers.

Coming in at 25th place, Twitter.com pulled in over 41 million visitors to its platform during the month of May domestically in the US, but VEVO ranked far higher in 19th place. Hosting a large library of the world's most popular entertainment video content, over 56 million visitors tuned into VEVO.

Other web properties in the top 50 list included Facebook which ranked 4th behind Microsoft, Yahoo and Google sites. New York Times Digital came in at 13th place with 73.7 million visitors.

Top 10 most visited websites May 2012

  • 1. Google Sites - 188,85m
  • 2. Yahoo! Sites - 167,39m
  • 3. Microsoft Sites - 163,74m
  • 4. Facebook.com - 158,01m
  • 5. AOL, Inc. - 110,35m
  • 6. Amazon Sites - 99,43m
  • 7. Ask Network - 90,73m
  • 8. Wikimedia Foundation Sites - 86,48m
  • 9. Glam Media - 86,02m
  • 10. Apple Inc. - 80,63m

  • 19. VEVO - 56,94m
  • 25. Twitter.com - 41.64m

For the full list check out: Comscore

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