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Welcome to the new site!

Hi guys,

After several months of behind-the-scenes development, we've launched a brand new experience for you here on the Film Industry Network.

It's been nearly 4 years since the Film Industry Network was launched and over time, the industry has changed, and collaborative filmmaking on the web has become a huge part of making successful creative projects. From crowdfunding to marketing, and new film production techniques, there is an evolving trend that means we as an industry need to be closer. We must also be open to the changes that are re-shaping distribution models, and the way we shoot films. We must not fear them, but instead, embrace this change and make it great.

It's a very exciting time, especially as the technology improvements are allowing us to be more creative, and experiment more, and historically, if we look back at the evolution of film as a format, this has always brought new dimensions of possibilities we never thought were possible.

So what's new on the Film Industry Network?


We will be recognising creative achievements and personal excellence across the industry in our new members section. Whether you are a filmmaker, actor, producer, costumer designer or photographer, we want to see how you are bringing your creativity to others.

We will also be looking at people who successfully communicate their art to the community. One of the hardest things for creative people to do is to promote themselves, and often some of the greatest talents remain undiscovered because of this fact. Let's speed up the process and get their genius out in the open!

You guys can sign up any time, for free, and send us your showreel and video links in the one page submission. You will be contacted individually for features, so do make sure to keep them up to date throughout the year. You never know when we might call!

members page:


Our new learning section brings together a greater depth of articles across our site to give you perspective on the industry. There are some how-to tutorials, as well as insights on digital marketing, film production, legal agreements and more.

Part of the learning experience is about being able to successfully make great work with other people. We will be featuring regular online contests where you can test your filmmaking abilities, and use those skills in a team environment.

We've also highlighted some recommended tools for your productions, and this is going to get an update soon with new articles to give you an overview on how to use them in your future productions.

Learning page:


We've been highlighting industry news for several years but we decided it was time to create an easier experience for you to navigate our vast digital content library. So, in our news section you can find the latest stories as well as popular topics and articles that you have shared the most.

We will continue to cover film industry news and the latest trends affecting the industry as they happen. Watch out for some great in-depth analysis coming your way soon!



In our new interviews section we highlight the most popular and in-depth articles that have been shared by you. In the near future, we will be featuring some superb achievements in the industry and giving you a big insight into new techniques and initiatives that are making a difference.

Interview page:

Getting in contact with us

We've made it easier for you to get in contact with us. Our new contact page highlights the relevant departments so that you get a faster response from partnerships to advertising and submissions.

Last but not least, you guys can check out our regional publications in the UK and France that will also be covering local issues and highlighting success stories.

Thanks for all your support and enjoy!

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