Whatever it takes campaign brings Kanye West and others to draw

ABU DHABI, UAE - The unique 'Whatever It Takes' artwork campaign  has gathered over 600 leaders from the fashion, music and film industry including Nobel Peace Prize winners to raise money for charity. Recently, Kanye West along with Samuel L Jackson, UK band Sugababes, Beverly Knight and Claudia Schiffer participated in creating environmentally sustainable products.

The Whatever It Takes campaign, which was launched by the 21st Century Leaders Foundation has already raised over $4 million thanks to the proceeds from each person's individual artwork. The charity is a fantastic example of how people can use creativity to raise money through merchandising, and will help charitable projects worldwide now and in the future. Those benefitting from the money raised include Oxfam, British Red Cross, Comic relief and many more.

Entertainment icons have often given a voice to charitable organisations seeking to improve people's lives from the disaster in Haiti, to the 2004 Asian Tsunami, and their leadership on these issues has helped millions participate in rebuilding lives in wartorn countries and those devastated by natural disasters. As the work of the 21st Century Leaders continues, there will be plenty of opportunity for big names to lend an artistic touch to a great cause.

Founder and Trustee Charlotte di Vita  of 21st Century Leaders Foundation told looktothestars.org : "21st Century Leaders Foundation shares Masdar s vision to support youth in the GCC to lead in the promotion of social enterprise and sustainable development solutions, in a manner that is both fun and educational" at its inauguration  in the city, the first international Charity to be founded there  (Abu Dhabi).

Retailers have also stocked the celebrity artworks across the world which can also be bought through the Whatever It Takes website.

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