What next? John Travolta sued for breathing?

John Travolta : lawsuit woes continue

John Travolta has been sued again but this time he's being accused of spreading false statements about author Robert Randolph to discourage people from buying his book: A book which highlights his alleged gay encounters with him.

Why is it that every waking hour of my day centres around the hundreds of people that want to sue John Travolta? It has become a really bad run of comedy sequels that's just tiring and I'm totally bored. We're way beyond franchise fatigue here, it's just sad. I also think there's a lack of respect in dealing with these matters and the real victim here is not Travolta or Randolph here, it's us.

John Travolta may be having some trouble with a bunch of claims that could be true or false; I don't know, I wasn't there, but what's bothering me is this obsession about it. It really has no value to us whatsoever to keep digging dirt to find the controversy behind him, his lawyer, his family, his friends, his dog, cat, bunny rabbit, or whatever else.

Let the parties deal with this stuff privately otherwise soon we'll hear about every lawsuit that's ever been filed against him. If you need to be entertained here are some fiction titles for your next John Travolta lawsuit story:

  • John Travolta sued by his neighbor for not brushing his teeth
  • John Travolta slapped with a lawsuit for yawning in public
  • Travolta sued for not answering an email

Or you can go all out with the comedy;

  • John Travolta sues himself

That one I will actually read.

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