What is the best HD camera for under £1500?

HD Camera

Finding the best camera for an affordable price is not easy because you have to take into consideration what you will use it for. If you need to record high quality sound, like for example, with XLR outputs, you will want to opt in for something above 2 or 3k. The DSLR market is accessible below £1500 and you can get quite a bit for that price, including accessories which might be what you are looking for.

How do I know which one to choose from?

Panasonic, Canon and Nikon DSLRs all have competing models that boast a full range of features but what puts you overbudget is the choice of lens. If you want a wide-angle lens or a good quality zoom, that alone can set you back between £300 and £1000!

If you are looking for an entry kit to help you shoot projects, such as short films, interviews or music videos, we can recommend the Canon 7D, which we have reviewed. It comes in about £1000, it shoots full HD and this leaves you with £500 for accessories such as tripods, extra batteries, mics and 1 or more good quality lenses. With canon cameras you get a good choice of lenses from the dirt cheap 50mm standard kit to epic zoom lenses you can photography the moon with.

Below you can find a list of accessories to compliment your Canon 7D. You may also be interested in the superior Canon 5DCanon 5D with a bigger censor, but this pushes you close to the £1500 mark without any add-ons and to be honest, can you really tell the difference between the 5D and 7D side by side?

Accessories for the Canon 7D


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