What if there was Rush Hour 4 and 5?

Rush Hour 4 in the works, but will it end there?

Producer Arthur Sarkissian has revealed that Rush Hour 4 is in the works with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, but does the latest movie have a potential for a sequel?

We've seen Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in places like LA, New York, Hong Kong and Paris. They've travelled the world in style and made us laugh in pain, but it would be a shame (for Rush Hour fans) to see the 4th end it all, seeing as actors don't get 'younger' the more we wait. Jackie Chan recently said that his latest Hong Kong flick 'Chinese Zodiac' would be his last big action movie. At the age of 58 it's easy to see why Chan needs to slow down on the kicking.

Sarkissian hinted that the story for 'Rush Hour 4' could involve Li and Carter getting married. He also said that movie should take the characters closer to Rush Hour 1, which was more gritty.

I would hate to see 'Rush Hour 4' fizzle out and underwhelm audiences like 'Lethal Weapon 4' did back in 1998 with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover when they were clearly "Too old for that sh*t".

As a big fan of the Rush Hour movies, I hope the producers can find a clever way to extend what could be the final movie into two epic parts, or shoot two movies back to back. At least Chan and Tucker would still have the energy to deliver what audiences expect in two sequels, even if they were released several years apart.

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