What can Charlie Sheen do now?

Charlie Sheen has been analyzed, cut up, and re-mixed by thousands of bloggers and media organizations, but what can he really do now?

After his epic ‘My Violent Torpedo Of Truth Tour’ ended earlier this month, Sheen was officially replaced by Ashton Kutcher in ‘Two And A Half Men’. Sheen now faces a court battle with CBS and Warner Bros over pay, and faces the task of finding a new place on TV.

From being the highest paid and most famous TV star to an ‘unemployed actor’ in Hollywood, the fall appears quite steep. However, you can never rule out a massive comeback from the ‘winning’ mindset of Charlie Sheen.

Sure, he faces personal and professional hurdles, but the man managed to do what few could have under the pressure of fame in the most difficult circumstances. Despite his Tour winning and losing (depending on the location), Sheen achieved internet stardom in a matter of weeks, captivating audiences to go see him and broke a world record.

Whether Charlie Sheen can regain the momentum now that his tour is over, and things are quieter, is up to his personal ‘Sheenius’.

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