Werner Herzog: "You can learn the essentials of filmmaking in two weeks"

Legendary film director Werner Herzog has claimed filmmakers need no more than 2 weeks to learn the essentials of filmmaking and thinks film schools “cost way too much money.”

After making over 70 films including critically acclaimed “Grizzly Man” and “Into the Abyss,” the director decided to launch his very first online course with MasterClass which students can pre-enroll in before it becomes available this summer.

The Oscar-nominated director joins a host of well-known actors and industry icons including Kevin Spacey and Dustin Hoffman who have participated in live sessions with students to help them train their skills at a fraction of the cost of traditional education. A one-year diploma at an established film school can set you back $30,000 compared with Herzog’s new course that costs just $90.

Herzog will teach filmmakers how to tell stories as well as cinematography, documentary interview techniques, and film financing. The director will also review uploaded videos submitted by students and critique select work.

With film education rapidly changing, film schools face increasing pressure from online courses as they provide quick learning at affordable rates. The US student debt currently stands at over $1.2 trillion with many young people having to pay back huge loans for years to come. Is it time for the system to change?

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