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Welcome to Film Industry Network UK


Today marks the beginning of a new chapter for the British Film Industry. Our network is going to give a voice to the young talent in the UK and bridge the gap between institutions and people working in the industry.

Over the past 2 years, we have seen some dramatic changes to the British Film Industry from the Closure of the UK Film Council to the new role of the BFI.We want to give people working in the industry today a resource that they can turn to because let's face it, with so much unemployment, making it on our own and finding work is much harder than ever before. Thanks to the input of our community we will be highlighting big success stories, giving you inspiration to improve in areas you didn't even think about.

What better way to celebrate this launch than to invite you to check out the various sections of this website, which are outlined below:

News: All the latest news from the British film industry, including in-depth analysis, box office, reviews and much more

Best Of: A new section on Film Industry Network websites that will promote talented filmmakers creating unique concepts that really push the boundaries of the technology we have today.

Q and A: We want to hear your feedback about the Film Industry Network. This section allows you to send in your questions related to the film industry, so our international members can take a look and answer those questions.

Recommended Tools: This section is dedicated to giving you our recommendations on what are the top products available from software to cameras.

Network: Our network page features all our social networks and links to our 2 other local network sites in the United States and France.

Resources: A list of resource articles from film education to film funding, highlighting the most important industry organisations in the country. This will be constantly updated throughout the year.

Film Competition: As of today we will be accepting entries into our film competition. We are looking for the best short films and music videos from across the UK, and internationally. Do you have what it takes to impress us? The deadline is November.

Events: Lastly, our events calendar will highlight upcoming film networking evenings, film festivals, award shows and more.

So with that, enjoy the new site, and please feel free to send your feedback right here.

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