Weinstein Company wins good reviews for Marilyn Monroe movie

‘My Week With Marilyn’ opened this week in a limited release to positive reviews from critics, bloggers and Marilyn Monroe fans.

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is one of Hollywood’s most legendary figures but finding the right actress to portray her was not an easy task. Michelle Williams’ interpretation of her has been well received despite not physically resembling like the late actress. However the ‘soul’ of Monroe is captured in her performance, which makes this film a compelling tale, revealing subtle details along with her flaws and personal extravagance. The overall casting of the film was also a triumph in itself.

With Kenneth Branagh starring as Laurence Olivier, you couldn’t ask for a better performer, as his career was practically influenced by the late actor and director. ‘My Week With Marilyn’ is based on Colin Clark’s memoirs (3rd Assistant director on ‘The Price And the Showgirl). Could this give the Weinstein Company that magic touch at next year's Oscars? This will certainly propel Michelle Williams to new heights.

My Week With Marilyn Monroe trailer

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