Warner Bros cuts gun scenes, should trailers reduce violence?

Warner Bros re-cutting trailers

Violence is in our culture. It's an inevitable fabric of society, and it's often glorified through movies and TV shows. In light of the recent Batman shootings, should trailers face more stringent rules?

Warner Bros have pulled their Gangster Squad trailer after the massacre and in addition, are cutting gun scenes out from 'Dark Knight Rises' trailers. It's a small, symbolic concession to show that the violence has shocked the studio to the core. It's something that we expected, but could more restrictions be placed on trailers? Is this also going to have an impact on gun laws in the future?

The MPAA overseas the classification of movies but when it comes to trailers, they are more easily accessible regardless of their content. Youtube does have an 18 restriction for some content where you have to sign in with your account but anyone can do it. You can't stop violence being shown online so the only way to avoid it would be to release trailer promos that include less references to gun culture.

Next time you watch a trailer for an action movie, check out the gun references to see just how visible they are.

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