Vin Diesel thanks his fans after crossing the 75 million mark

Vin Diesel has done it again. The actor has managed to accumulate an incredible 75 million fans on Facebook in a race to the top of the social media game.

"75 million... we have come a long way... Blessed, humbled and grateful. Welcome to Our Millennium!"

- Vin Diesel writes on his page.

Over 700,000 people have already liked the post in the past 3 hours. In fact, he's pretty much the undisputed champion of social media at present given that his tweets reach upwards of 6 million fans per post.

It was just a few days ago that we highlighted Vin's incredible rise on social media and how his influence outpaced world leaders and major broadcasters.

What remains to be seen is how the actor engages with his fans via Instagram which he recently signed up to. We are seeing more Hollywood names going over to Instagram to keep people updated, and Vin could also set a trend if he can gain a similar kind of upswing that we have seen on Facebook.

Special thanks to David Ortiz for giving us a heads up on the milestone.

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