Vin Diesel has more influence than any world leader on social media

Vin Diesel has surpassed world leaders to become more influential on social media with higher engagement per update than anyone.

Recently Diesel announced he was going to try out the Instagram social network and has already crossed the 1 million mark since joining on the 26th April.

On top of that, the actor's fan base on Facebook has exploded to 74 million, a total that far outweighs the likes of Justin Bieber or Will Smith, and that of US President, Barack Obama . There is no match for Diesel's social media presence, and with a year to go before FF7, we can only anticipate it to get bigger.

To put it into perspective, when the President won the election he tweeted '4 more years' on November 7th 2012. It was shared 700,000 times. Fast forward to this year and you will recall the Oscar Selfie tweet and how it went global. It managed to accumulate a total of 3.4 million retweets. One of Diesel's updates back in December gathered 4.3 million likes on Facebook, and that was without the help of the world media.

Diesel now has a total of 75 million connected fans across two networks with the highest total social engagement, making him more influential on social media than any world leader (and celebrity for that matter) living today. On top of that, posted updates often get over 2 million reactions, which means that with less than 10 seconds of effort, he can engage with the entire population of Paris.

If we also take into account the world's biggest broadcasters like the BBC, CNN or NBC, they are still no match for Vin Diesel anywhere on the social web.

A recent study showed how the BBC's breaking news Twitter feed with over 9 million followers could barely get over 2500 interactions, showing how brands struggle to get engagement on social.

In Vin Diesel's case, he's lightyears ahead of the competition. Time to run for President?

Note: Influence is measured on total engagement (not the number of fans per social account)

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