Vimeo launches new video features : Filmmakers can earn money


Vimeo announces new money tipping addon

Vimeo has announced a new in-built service that will give filmmakers the ability to earn money with their videos.

Every time video creators upload a video there will be a new option onscreen enabling people to donate money directly on the Vimeo platform (available to Plus and Pro account holders). The feature, called 'Tip Jar', will allow filmmakers to activate a 'tip this video' button, giving fans the option to show their appreciation for videos, empowering content creators to make better videos, and giving them an incentive to create strong stories and compelling films.

Vimeo Tip Jar feature

The video platform also announced a new Pay-To-View service which is currently in development and will be released in the coming months. Although there is no specified deadline, the service will allow video creators to charge people to view their content. This could create a whole new 'premium content' area exclusive to Vimeo with video creators making TV shows, or series for the site.

To find out more about the new services check out Vimeo's latest blog for more details

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