Video: Samuel L. Jackson is the most brutal Obama supporter

Samuel L Jackson tells it like it is

We've seen a lot of campaign videos for Obama over the past few months. Some have been touching, and others just terrible but out of all that noise, there's one guy who's delivered what I think is the most brutally funny and honest message of all. That guy, is without a doubt Samuel L. Jackson.

When I came across this video I thought to myself "Wow, they really made an effort to tell a story, and then they literally take the p*** out of it". As I was watching it, trying to compare it to all the other stuff I've seen, and it had the most random funniness and brutal one-liners that you would kind of expect to see in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Sure, they didn't go all the way, but this video went way above anything else I've seen from celebrity supporters of Obama.

Samuel L Jackson Wake the f*** up video

On top of that, the acting was extremely bad, which made it that much more interesting to me because I was waiting for Samuel L. Jackson to cut through the same campaign drool I've heard a million times. It worked! This video is epic. Now I hope Tarantino directs the sequel.

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