Victoria's Secret website hacked in the UK


Exclusive: The British website of Victoria's Secret has been hacked and rebuilt in spectacular fashion as scammers set their targets on shopper's wallets without their knowledge.

A search on Google for "Victoria Secret UK" returns what shoppers think is the legitimate website, but if you take a closer look at the domain name, you can already see a discrepancy.

The home page of the fake Victoria's Secret website looks almost legitimate and could quite easily make shoppers think they are on the original site if they are not looking too hard. With an 'add to cart" option and full description details of each item of clothing, it's quite a spectacular hack, even with the coding errors in some sections.

The Victoria's Secret brand is world famous, and well known in the entertainment industry, so it is very surprising to see how hackers were able to get this site up and rank number 1 on Google.


Fake Victoria Secret website ranks 1 in Google

Thanks to Victoria's Secret fan Laura Scott who informed me this evening of the hack after searching for swimsuits, we were able to uncover the extent of the scam and would like to warn anyone searching for Victoria's Secret merchandise in the UK to double check before they buy.

The correct website is :

This is the fake website :


Victoria's Secret fake website homepage

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