Venus passes the sun - live video

As Venus makes it's rare voyage across the surface of the sun, people from around the world have been sharing pictures and thoughts about this once in a lifetime moment.

Our obsession with space travel has been imprinted in our dreams and fantasies since the early days of cinema. From UFOs to Star Trek and Star Wars, we have fictionalised through many decades our interpretation of space. When humans landed in the moon in 1969, it defined an era which transformed space exploration forever. Now with private companies stepping up their efforts to offer tourists the possibility to travel in space, we are really at a moment in time when space travel is about to become a reality.

Venus passes the Sun : Live video

(This broadcast has ended)

Today's transit of Venus will last 6 hours. To find out more details check out NASA's live stream.

Extreme Close up : Just uploaded

Credit: Data courtesy of NASA/SDO, HMI, and AIA science teams.

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