Upcoming teen superstar ChloeJ

Upcoming teen superstar Chloe Jordache aka ChloeJ is about to make it big on the music scene as she prepares to unleash her incredible vocals to the world. Singing from an early age, Chloe has a powerful voice, recording songs professionally since the age of 12.

In 2008 Chloe was chosen by Quincy Jones to perform the lead vocals for We are the World at his 50th Anniversary Entertainment Tribute Concert in Hollywood.

She has also appeared in feature films and music videos with acts such as Chamillionaire, 36 Mafia and has become the Star Power ambassador for the Starlight Children s Foundation, which helps seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear and isolation through entertainment, education and family activities. Find out how Chloe, now aged 14 is taking the next step in her career, and what has inspired her.

Interview with ChloeJ

Iain: When did you first start singing?

ChloeJ: I started singing ever since I basically came out of my mom! I actually started taking singing lessons when I was 5, and I have been singing ever since. My mom told me that when I was younger I always used to say, Oh, I m gonna be a famous singer when I m older! I don t remember saying it, but I guess I have always enjoyed singing.

Iain: Do you have a certain style you enjoy singing?

ChloeJ: I really like singing RnB because I think I have that soul in me. Beyoncé really inspires me. She can dance, act and sing, and I can do those things to, so I hope I can become like her one day.

Iain: Who are your favorite musicians?

ChloeJ: Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Usher one of my all time favorites. I started listening to him ever since I was in elementary school. I also like Neyo.

Can you do any Usher dance moves?

No, but I can dance. I can t do the moonwalk yet, but I am practicing! It would be something cool to learn.

Iain: What inspired you to sing?

ChloeJ: I started to like singing, and listened to the radio when I was younger and I always used to sing along. I loved it and I want to touch people s lives through singing.

Iain: Who would you most like to go on tour with?

ChloeJ: Beyoncé would be really fun, Lady Gaga. I think she s really weird but she s cool. She would be great to talk to!

Iain: Are you interested in fashion?

ChloeJ: When I am older I hope to design some clothes. I am really into fashion and I guess I have my own style. I kind of follow what everyone is doing but I put my own touch on it.

Iain: Do you want to play roles in movies later?

ChloeJ: I have been in a music video and some feature films such as Edges of Darkness where I was a zombie. I really like this show called The Secret Life of the American Teenager It s a TV show here in the US and its really good, and Id like to be in something like that. It s on ABC family. I d play the main character, someone who s funny, but serious too.

Iain: What do you like about acting?

ChloeJ: I think it's cool putting yourself into someone else s perspective and not being you for a second. I think its cool to be in someone else s shoes and to think what they would be thinking.

Iain: Are you recording any tracks?

ChloeJ: A couple of weeks ago I started recording 3 new songs in Las Vegas with Producer MarvelousJ. He's really fun to work with. I have 3 songs with him, and we are waiting for them to be mixed and hopefully they will be on the next album. We are working towards that.

Iain: Do you have a message for people wanting to achieve success?

ChloeJ: If you want to be something like an actor or singer or anything really, just believe in yourself and keep practicing. Don t let anyone tell you that you can t do it because you can, if you really believe. Practice makes perfect. That s what I learned, and my mom always tells me that even when I don't really want to practice. It really does work out in the long run. Keep doing what your doing, and hopefully you ll get there one day!

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