Universal movie to receive $5m tax credit from Michigan Film Office

Universal Pictures' latest film in pre-production 'Five Year Engagement' will receive a $5 million tax credit from the Michigan Film Office.

The latest picture to be approved in the region comes amid a change in the film tax incentive program which now reviews film applications more stringently. This is to ensure that the money spent in Michigan will benefit the region's local economy.

With the film going into production this year, and shooting primarily in the Ann Arbour area, the local film industry can once again benefit from the money that will be spent in the region.

Universal Pictures praised the incentive as it would benefit both parties. While the studio gets approval and support to shoot their latest picture, other filmmakers and producers from the region will want to take part in the scheme, and there are currently over 40 applications pending.

Five Year Engagement will star Emily Blunt, Alison Brie and Jason Segal

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