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UK needs to invest more in short films to boost economy


There is a sheer lack of investment in short films in the UK while the format is becoming the most important digital medium of the 21st century.

With so little funding for short film production, it seems as if the format has been put aside because its not 'profitable'. Well, the economics of short films are changing, and it's no longer valid to put them to one side and think of them as 'arty stuff' that no one watches.

Websites like Youtube, Vimeo and Kickstarter have given life to short films, and they are becoming a standard communication tool for business and culture. Every single industry in the British economy could benefit from short films.

In addition, I think that because the medium has the huge viral potential, it could give the British Film Industry unprecedented access to international audiences. Funny videos from quirky comedy to factual anecdotes and entertainment could go from 10 views to a million overnight. Imagine if that was a tourism video promoting Brighton as the next coolest place to visit. There is so much potential to put Britain on the 'digital map' it's shocking how little money is available for it.

Young people can also contribute tremendously to the creation of these short films because they are very tuned into the creativity we are seeing on the web. Supporting a generation of filmmakers with this ability should be looked at more thoroughly.

Merits of short films

  • Present information in a short timespan
  • Promote events
  • Inspire
  • Entertain
  • Raise awareness
  • Educate viewers
  • Provide transparency
  • Easy distribution
  • Potential to go viral
  • Can be made on moderate budgets
  • Gets people working together


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