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UK Film Industry is at a turning point


Olympics gives UK film industry best visibility ever

The success of the 2012 Olympics opener has given the UK Film Industry a boost but now it must capitalise on its image abroad and push for higher goals.

There is a huge diversity of talent across the country right up to the highlands in Scotland, and a strong domestic demand for films. The arts sector has a great momentum now to show what it's capable of and to reach out to other countries to get international co-productions moving forward.

So far there has been a lack of big budget productions at home and large Europe-wide projects shot in the English language. There are huge overseas markets for the UK and not just counting America. India and China are emerging and could be driving a boom in the UK Film Industry for years to come. With a close cultural connection particularly with India I would hope that closer ties were founded with leading Indian productions, and TV stations to create cross-culture films.

David Cameron this week highlighted the UK Film Industry and spoke about the need for inward investment:

"I think a very simple message today is that if you are involved in the creative industries, now is the time to come and invest in Britain."

With that said, I hope that people take note that the UK creative industry has enormous potential to be leading hub for film production in the world. There are superb film studios and locations for producers to choose from and exceptional acting and technical talent. Investing in the sector, whether financing film production or construction will bring huge rewards, as we have seen some of the biggest blockbusters of our generation have British talent and direction.

"Not many people know this but, if you want superstars, of course all the big actors currently playing Batman, Spiderman or Superman are all actually British."

- David Cameron

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