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UK Film Industry could be world leader with stronger distribution


UK Films need better distribution

We've got the facilities, we've got the talent, but the UK still struggles to export around the world.

The UK Film Industry is reportedly contributing £4.6 billion to the economy, but we still don't see many major British funded productions hitting theatres in the U.S, and even less in countries like China or India.

With that said, the sustained growth of the industry is exceptional despite a major economic depression and there is proof that the investment into films is also bringing rewards to other sectors of the economy, particularly tourism.

Digital distribution is getting easier and more affordable and with some of the world's most renowned PR and digital marketing firms, surely London and other cities in the UK could become digital hubs for pushing out UK made films.

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To further add to this argument, the independent study published by Oxford Economics estimates that the VOD market will be worth up to $18 billion by 2016. Digital distribution is changing the way films are consumed, and with all this great content creation, investing big in distribution should happen now.

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