UK Film Distributors

UK film distribution
Who do you contact when you want to sell your film? Below you will find a list of UK distribution companies. Even if you are not from the UK you can send in your short films.

Distributor's list

The independent cinema office gives you an extensive list of distributors across the UK. This is the most comprehensive resource for contact information and where to go for submission.

Below are UK Short Film Distributors that have not been included in the ICO s list.

The main short film distributor in the UK is Shorts International:

Film Submission

Shorts International is continuing to acquire titles for its award-winning international catalogue of short films. Working hard to expand the number of distribution outlets for short film, we supply content to over ninety syndication partners worldwide.

If you have made a short film, please download the form below and send the information along with a DVD copy (multi-region if possible) to the address listed below. Please do not submit your Master, stills, press packs etc at this stage.

If we select your film, our acquisitions department will send you a license agreement that requires exclusive distribution rights over the licensing period and a detailed breakdown of the delivery materials that we require.

We look forward to watching your films!

( © Shorts International)

Future Shorts is the world s leading short film distribution label representing an extensive and eclectic catalogue of original, award winning films from across the globe. With years of experience in acquiring premium content and programming cutting-edge events and film packages, Future Shorts is a one-stop shop for broadcasters seeking the latest groundbreaking talent and content on the market.

( © Future shorts)

TV Distribution (free)

If you want some exposure for your short or music video you can send it to Propellor TV. Please note, you don t get paid for this, but it is a great way to generate some buzz particularly for indie music artists

Propeller TV was originally set up to support independent film makers by providing a platform on SKY to showcase their work. Under the new ownership, Propeller TV will continue to offer this free service subject to the terms and conditions of our contract.

Please note, we will not accept short films containing any visual display of SEX and VIOLENCE. When bad language is used, it must be used in moderation.

As in the past, all short film submissions will be checked for suitability, compliance (as stipulated by ofCom) and completion of contracts before broadcasting, therefore all paperwork be submitted together with your short film.

( © Propeller TV)


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