Twitter down, skype offline and facebook out of order: What if?

With Twitter down now and again, a global outage on skype and a facebook overload for users, could these three companies shut off global communications?

The world has become so reliant on these huge networks that global communication could be affected drastically if all three were taken offline at the same time. As skype replaces global phone calls, twitter becomes the news station, and facebook the 'everything I do in the day' centre, what would happen if they all failed?

Have we become so dependent on technology that the evolution of our existence is dependent on it? Going back to the 90s none of this was even imaginable to most people, but now it feels like a birth right.

The world economy's future will inevitably feature websites and applications such as these to run businesses, but they may be too big to fail. Should government step in when they do?

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