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Trouble in Bosnia for Angelina Jolie's new movie

Bosnian authorities rejected Angelina Jolie's new film after it was revealed that the script supposedly contained the story elements of a rapist having a relationship with his victim.

Local media sparked the unfortunate outcry over the script which Jolie intends to direct in November with local Bosnian actors. The 'Women's victims of War' association condemned the alleged story element  :

"Among thousands of testimonies by women raped during the war, there is not a single one that tells of a love story between a victim and her rapist,"

The film production is currently shooting in Hungary, that faces an economic and environmental disaster over recent spill of toxic sludge.

For Jolie, the directorial debut has not run as smoothly as anticipated but actors in the movie have  called out as censorship the Culture Minister's decision to revoke the shooting license. The implications of the film's story is deeply upsetting for many women who were raped during the 1991-1995 Bosnian war, and has caused fury amongst advocates.

Despite the cancellation of the permit, it is unlikely that the story of the yet untitled love film has been created to divide women, and may have been misinterpreted.

Angelina Jolie, who is also the UN's Goodwill Ambassador, has sent a personal letter to the group to discuss the issue.

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