Transformers Dark Of The Moon - The Michael Bay experience

Michael Bay's epic 3rd and last Transformers movie is going to be talked about for quite some time, but what about the man behind the camera that continues to push the boundaries of action sci-fi?

No stranger to action, Michael Bay has been in the director's seat of some of Hollywood's biggest and most successful action movies, starring the likes of Will Smith in the Bad Boys movies and Bruce Willis in 1998 hit 'Armageddon'. All his films have used the very best in technology whether VFX, 3D animation or camera rigs customised to the most extreme. Bay will literally use a dolly for a cup of tea, because every frame in his movies has movement and life to them.

While Transformers 3 (Dark Of The Moon) has been talked about for months, the bigger story I feel, is the man with the vision, and how he came this far.

Michael Bay - A Look Back

If we take a step back from the hugely successful Transformers movies, we find a man committed to a dream : action. From his early life where he once placed firecrackers on a toy train and filmed it on super 8mm to the directors chair on film studio production, Bay is a success story unlike any other.

He is one of Hollywood's most successful director's of all time, with his movies grossing over $3 billion worldwide. Behind the scenes, you could almost call him an 'action junkie'. Just the preparation of a stunt gets him excited. The chaos, explosions, and sheer adrenaline rush of big budget filmmaking is what Michael Bay lives and breathes. What could be better than living your dream?

Bay got his success from his early commercial work and music videos that led him to Jerry Bruckheimer's front door. What happened next changed the course of many lives, as he directed Martin Lawrence and WIll Smith in 'Bad Boys' back in 1994. From then on, his films got bolder, more high octane, and just ever increasingly spectacular. With such classics like 'The Rock' starring Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage, he gave the action genre new life, and again he has reinvented it for a 3D audience.

If you get to watch Transformers Dark Of The Moon, for Michael's sake, watch it in 3D. Best of luck to him.

Transformers - Dark Of The Moon

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