Tragedy: One dead, Captain of HMS Bounty still missing

It was the news we were dreading to hear. After the U.S Coast Guard was dispatched to rescue 16 crew members from the stricken HMS Bounty, 14 were successfully saved, but two had gone missing.

Unfortunately, the body of 42 year old Claudene Christian has been found, and the captain of the ship, Robin Walbridge, is still unaccounted for.

It's a devastating shock for the families. We still hope that the captain will be found alive, but with the storm surge already well underway, it will be a miracle if he is found in time.

The Canadian replica was taking on water when it got stranded in high seas. The crew quickly abandoned ship in two life rafts, but according to first hand accounts, two of the members had fallen into the sea.

WITN TV reported that the 14 rescued crew members had arrived safety at Air Station Elizabeth City, but the whereabouts of the captain remain unknown.

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