Total disgrace : Witness who filmed Tony Scott jump tries to sell video

A bystander who managed to capture on film the horrific last moments of Tony Scott's life has reportedly tried to sell the footage to several media outlets.

Profiting from the death of Tony Scott goes too far and should not be shown by any media outlet or released online via Youtube or anywhere. According to NY Daily News, there were several surveillance cameras filming the bridge at the time of his jump, which would provide evidence of his final moments.

There is an entertainment culture of selling videos, and pictures of celebrities getting into trouble, and 'breaking the rules', but when it comes to a tragedy such as this, there is no place for such content. It's not even entertainment. It's lower than the lowest form of principal.

TMZ has reportedly seen the footage of his death, but refused to publicize it. The website also said "We did not purchase the material".

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