Top Gear Producer quits after Jeremy Clarkson debacle

Following the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson, 'Top Gear' producer Andy Wilman has quit the BBC show.

James May confirmed this week that he would not return to the 'Top Gear' show either without Jeremy Clarkson.

Clarkson was fired after a BBC investigation concluded that he had assaulted Mr Tymon, who drove himself to A&E after a punch up over a lack of hot food during filming.

According to the BBC, May said that doing 'Top Gear' without Jeremy Clarkson would be, "A bit of a daft idea." The presenter gathered more than 1 million signatures while the BBC investigated the fracas, however their demands for his reinstatement were not met.

Clarkson thanked fans before he was given the bad news:

Jeremy Clarkson will still be returning to the screen and hasn't been banned by the broadcaster completely, said the head of the BBC. Despite this, it is unclear how 'Top Gear' will continue without its producer, Clarkson or his co-host.

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