Top filmmakers and students turn to Vimeo to promote content

Vimeo has become a web leader for high quality video content and for filmmakers it’s a great place to share creations. However the platform also provides something more.

Like other video sharing platforms, Vimeo allows users to embed videos in different formats, sizes, and with customizations. Youtube has been lagging behind Vimeo on the embed side for years, because it doesn’t look as professional.

Talented filmmakers have gathered their projects on the site and we are very excited about the Vimeo community and the benefits of the platform. Promoting content is one element that we think Vimeo does better than other platform because its audience recognizes quality over novelty.

Take for example, Bristol University graduate Daniel Binns, who has used the platform to push his animation projects during his studies. His latest animation called ‘Control’ is a very artistic and powerful adaptation of panic, which is a form of anxiety many people suffer from. This film and many others are getting superb exposure and it’s the quality of these videos that inspire the community to make their creations better.

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Another video, which we discovered, is an exceptionally well-crafted visual time-lapse of Brooklyn, New York. Shot by director/cinematographer Jonathan Bregel and produced by Next Level Pictures, the film pushes the boundaries of visual art mixed with a music ‘dialogue’.

These 2 videos are just some of the examples of high quality content being promoted on Vimeo, which features some of the best talent on the web. Do you have a video on the platform? How are you promoting your videos?

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