Top 8 short films to watch in 2022


With the Academy Awards shortlist announcement only 5 weeks away we look at 8 shorts that stand out from the thousands of films made every year.

Short films provide filmmakers with an opportunity to inspire, empower and entertain audiences with compelling stories while highlighting prevalent social issues in society. Our selection of short films this year includes stories from within different genres, and films that highlight important social topics:

Must watch short films: The definitive list

Finding Wilson

A close encounter in a secluded woodland sets the scene for short film drama “Finding Wilson” starring multi-award-winning young actress Darcy Jacobs. Directed by Em Smith, the short tells the story of teenager Jess, who ventures into a forest alone and is forever changed by an unexpected meeting with a stranger. Released in selected UK cinemas in 2022 with Everyman (BBFC certificated 12A), the film explores the human psyche and our personal vulnerabilities, raising awareness of mental health disorders in young adults. Learn more.

The Letter Men

A remarkable true story based on the largest collection of LGBTQ+ love letters from World War II ever to be discovered. Amazingly, Gordon Bowsher’s letters to his sweetheart Gilbert Bradley, which were written between 1938 and 1941, have survived (many such letters would have been burnt). They were found in 2017, giving the film’s director, Andy Vallentine, a rare source for this short film that uses the letters’ genuine wording as part of its narrative. Learn more.

Night Ride

In the short film “Night Ride” by director Eirik Tveiten, Ebba is waiting for the tram when an unforeseen sequence of events turns the ride home into something unsettling and possibly dangerous. Having written and directed no fewer than 14 shorts, Tveiten is known for his work in high realism and stylized comedy, with his latest short setting the stage for a compelling tale that touches on gender identity and prejudice. Learn more.

North Star

Writer/director P.J. Palmer’s latest short film “North Star” features a star-studded cast of actors including Kevin Bacon, Colman Domingo and Laura Innes. It tells the story of a rural rancher and his dying husband who make an agonizing choice to protect the honor of their marriage while fighting poverty and isolation. The gripping tale touches on important and prevalent social issues within American society today, and highlights human adversity. Learn More.

The Mountain

Clare Macdonald makes her directorial return in anticipated short film comedy “The Mountain” following her recent 6 episode TV mini series “Bleachers.” Matthew is sick of being depressed. He desires assistance, milk, and a return to normalcy. But his persistent inner voices won’t make things simple. In fact, they’ll make sure it’s a chilly uphill battle the entire way. It’s a story not to be missed, with some charming performances. Learn More.


Director and actress Tara Westwood’s latest short film is a crime drama short entitled “Triggered.” The film’s storyline follows a US Senator who faces her greatest challenge when confronted by a home invasion, which takes a dramatic and surprising turn. The film touches on tragedy and loss through senseless incidents of gun violence – a prevalent issue and topic of renewed national debate affecting people from different communities. Learn More.


South Asian film by writer/director Nuhash Humayun, who advocates for humanitarian causes through storytelling, reveals the powerful tale of two sisters who fight their own inner demons while looking for sanctuary in a strange new world. The film “Moshari” is inspired by true events that have come about due to climate change, with its devastating impact on the country of Bangladesh, whose people are among the most affected but have contributed the least to global warming. Learn More.


Rory Fleck Byrne, writer, director and star of short film “Dash” tells the intriguing story of a small-town stablehand who faces his femininity head-on in a harsh rural setting. The film’s protagonist is forced to make a choice because his favorite mare will be put to sleep at the end of the week. Will he carry on acting in this manner? Discover a compelling story told with intrigue. Learn More.

What are some of you favorite short films from the past year?

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