Top 5 ways to use short films to promote your business

Short film marketing

Short films haven taken over the web space in a way we never imagined. After several years of online growth, the opportunity now to make money and build awareness for businesses with short films is immense. Where do you start? Check out my Top 5 list of uses for short films in your business.

1: What are you about? Building Value

Do you want people to understand what your business is about? Whether you are a cinema owner, casting director or catering company you can use short films to show your value to the market place. Using interviews and other formats, tell your customers what you are about, what you believe in, what you do. This conversation will bring you closer to your fans and future clients.

2: Where are you? Proof of concept

Can people physically see where you are based? Do they want to do business with someone who has no information about where they are located? Show where you work, give them an introduction into your space. Give them a feel for what kind of environment you work in.

3: Who are you? Team exposed

It's easy to put some pictures on a website and say "This is our team", but what about an introduction to your staff members? Can we get extra information about the services you provide and the people in your company? Short films can bring us closer to your team without us ever having to meet in person.

4. What's the process? Action in the workplace

Show us what your clients will experience. Give us your workflow, how the process of the service works. All these can be illustrated through short films, even diagrams with voice over. Other methods include using charts intercut with people working in your Organization to present how things work.

5. Should we really care? Building trust

Transparency is the new 'digital currency' of the web. Being able to show your audience who, what, where, why, and how, is a very healthy thing to do. Can you share advice? Can you give tips? Short films can encompass a wide range of topics about your business. You can even go a step further and video blog on a regular basis to give your client base regular updates on your progress, and even on their progress (privately or publicly)

Good luck with your 2012 strategy! If you want to invest in low budget filmmaking tools, or get filmmakers to help you out to build your online marketing push check out our low budget film tools guide. This showcases our recommended tools for shooting productions on a small scale.

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