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Top 5 ultimate Star Wars collector's items

The most epic Star Wars items

Let's take a look back at the story behind the Star Wars legacy. With a fan base of millions around the world the Star Wars movies have spawned a merchandising empire spanning thousands of products, but it's those rare collector's items that really define the 'aura' of the Star Wars movies.

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Yesterday it was announced that Disney would steer the Star Wars franchise in a new direction, starting with the release of Star Wars 7 in 2015. I can only hope that the fun, whacky creativity of props and replicas derived from the new films continue to enlighten fans of all ages.

As we approach a new era for the Star Wars franchise, the collector's items that defined the cultural impact of George Lucas' imagination will have a bigger historical significance in the future. We don't know how Disney will approach the new Star Wars movies, but what is certain is that the rare collector's items from the original series will define several decades of movie-making.

This new journey for Star Wars is about to change the scope of the entire franchise for all the fans, and with that, a new creative direction for "future generations of filmmakers" (to quote George Lucas)

Below I have placed the top 5 most iconic items, which I chose due to their unique originality, and close, personal connection to the production of the original Star Wars films. Most of the items below have very limited availability. (pictures used are not of the actual items themselves. Please refer to the links underneath for full details)

Top 5 Star Wars collector's items


5. Star Wars R2-d2 Dvd Projector

The Star Wars R2-d2 DVD projector is one of the most innovative gadgets designed for fans. It's a robot that plays DVD/CDs with an inbuilt projector, acting as a media hub for the Star Wars home. It also includes an iPod docking station which is slightly old school but if you want a'wow factor', this is one of those iconic items that brings to life one of the films defining characters.


4. Stormtrooper Helmet Collectors Edition

The Stormtrooper Helmet replica from 'A New Hope' (Based on the 1975 design from concept artist Ralph McQuarrie) gives fans the authentic feel of the original movie. It's a 1/1 scale replica still sealed.


3. Star Wars Cast Autographed The Empire Strikes Back Movie Poster

The official Star Wars cast autographed poster for 'The Empire Strikes Back' includes signatures from all the main cast including Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Kenny Baker, Anthony Daniels, David Prowse (Darth Vader) and others. It's one of the few posters still available as collector's items dating back to the release of 'The Empire Strikes Back'. Definitely a classic!


2. Luke Skywalker Episode V Blaster - Limited Edition

The Luke Skywalker blaster has to be the coolest weapon from the Star Wars franchise. It's a rare item, and I personally think it offers a refined quality along with a 70s 'spy gadget in space' look and feel.


1. George Lucas STAR WARS Prop DEATH STAR

The Original Death Star prop used in the production of 'Star Wars Episode IV : A New Hope' is very rare collector's item and suits only the most ultimate die-hard fans of the franchise. It's also cased in a revolving light stand, making this a defining statuesque piece of movie making history.

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