Top 5 online filmmaking courses to get before Christmas

Filmmakers looking to improve their skills and get more subscribers and fans for their work can access pre-Christmas deals on several popular online filmmaking courses.

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Below are the top 5 film courses which you can order and also offer as gifts to friends and family. Discounts on select courses go from 60-92%.

Top 5 filmmaking courses

1. Film Sales and Distribution Masterclass (Popular)

A comprehensive course teaching filmmakers how to build a career, get projects funded, understanding VOD platforms including Netflix, what sales agents are looking for and selling films via theatrical distribution. Apply for the course. 92% discount

2. Documentary filmmaking: Powerful on-screen storytelling

Learn how to structure films the right way, engage audiences and access insider secrets on making a powerful, thought-provoking documentary. Apply for the course. 90% discount

3. Drone filmmaking: How to tell aerial stories

Learn how to tell stories with drones, understand the technical components, apply editing techniques from color grading to manual audio editing, composition and fidning places to shoot high-impact footage. Apply for the course. 77% discount

4. The complete Youtube course: Making a living

Learn how to create a popular Youtube channel, get videos to rank higher in Youtube search, get more subscribers in a short period of time and make money within niches. Apply for the course. 92% discount

5. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6: The complete video editing course

Learn how to edit in CS6; color grading footage, making titles, editing audio, importing footage including shots taken in vertical formats from mobile phones, and exporting video to Youtube. Apply for the course. 67% discount

Filmmakers can also check out our top recommended courses here from filmmaking masterclasses to acting workshops and screenwriting tutorials.

Film Industry Network receives a commission when a product is purchased through affiliate links included in this article.

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