Top 5 Most Web Savvy Celebrities of 2011

2011 saw many celebrities taking control of their publicity through social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Ustream, and many more. So who exactly made a lasting impression on the web space and which celebrity came out top as the most connected and web savvy of them all?

Below is our Top 5 Celebrity list:

5 Most Web Savvy Celebrities of 2011

5: Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria kept a high profile on all major social networks this year, using her Twitter, Facebook pages and even her celebrity WhoSay profile to promote everything she was doing. This included some great charity work, and relentless campaigning for good causes. On top of that, Eva was consistent throughout the year with her online presence, constantly engaging with fans, and reaching out to other celebs in the industry.

Eva deserves all the credit for her relentless efforts to promote good causes to her fans across a wide range of social media accounts. Did you know she was also on Tumblr?

4: Justin Bieber

Who can forget the little guy? Bieber has the most fans on social networks and video websites combined, but the singer didn’t make it to our top spot for one reason: There were no major events this year which Bieber instigated himself using the full power of the web. Despite being a ‘twitterholic’ and a supreme ruler on video sites, all of his fame this year came from music videos, Award Shows, his feature length documentary and controversies he didn’t start.

However Bieber remains incredibly active on social media, and constantly engages with fans. He is the only celebrity who actively retweets and responds to criticism and praise on a constant basis.

3: Alec Baldwin


Alec Baldwin this year combined his very public HuffingtonPost blog along with Twitter to push out constant ideology to his fans. He was vocal on almost every political issue, keeping up a whirlwind of web buzz, and most notably in the past week with his full-scale assault on American Airlines.

In fact, the media storm surrounding this has been so significant that Baldwin himself turned off his twitter, but later re-surfaced on SNL to spoof himself. Whether this will work or not is just a matter of time, but his understanding of the web, particularly it’s viral nature, makes him an expert in the art. Just to cap it off, Baldwin is used his Huffington Post blog to fuel the storm surrounding his Tuesday plane ‘kick off’.

2: Piers Morgan

CNN host Piers Morgan used the full power of Twitter to promote everything from guests coming on to his show right through to his dislike of Manchester Footballer Rio Ferdinand’s English. The host mastered the art of Twitter by keeping relentless pressure on celebrity friends, poking fun at them, highlighting controversies, and boasting about his own social superiority. It was his blend of humour and connecting his Twitter with CNN that made Piers extremely web savvy. He also managed to create constant buzz when he was in the firing line, particularly during the NewsCorp scandal.

Although Piers was not largely present in other media forms, his Twittering alone was epic and far reaching.

1: Charlie Sheen

Without a doubt, Charlie Sheen ‘torpedoed’ the competition this year, achieving internet fame on a scale never quite seen in the entertainment industry. His ‘wins’ included a world record 1 million followers in 24 hours on Twitter, a viral cooking show on FunnyorDie, and his global search for ‘tiger-blood’ interns. Sheen was without a doubt a one man ‘internet blockbuster’.

In addition to that, the former ‘Two And A Half Men’ star took the power of his one-liners, and managed to encourage his fans to make parodies of him, including his own, which he released on Youtube. The video attained 2 million views in just over a week. Sheen not only conquered social, but he went global with videos. He’s 2011’s definitive ‘Winner’.

That about concludes our Top 5 list for this year, but we hope you enjoyed checking out the achievements of these entertainment figures, and wish them all the best for the coming year. Who do you think was the most Web-Savvy Celeb of 2011?

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