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Top 5 most popular Halloween movies in 2012 on Blu-ray

Halloween and Frankenstorm approach

It's going to be an extra frightful Halloween this season for residents on the U.S east coast. With the storm surge approaching, people have been preparing for a difficult few days leading up to the 31st October.

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This week in Blu-ray sales, horror fans have been grabbing the ultimate Omen Collection, which packs over 430 minutes of entertainment in one box set. The classic 1976 horror has continued to thrill audiences for decades and fans buying the box set get the follow up sequels through to the 2006 release of 'The Omen' remake.

In 2nd place is John Carpenter's 'Halloween' starring Jamie Lee Curtis (True Lies) which tells the story of a young babysitter who has to survive a lone knife-wielding psychopath who's target is the town's young innocent teens. It's the ideal thrill for a dark night of endless torment (and a few laughs here and there).

Check out the full chart below for this week's top 5 selling Blu-ray

Top 5 selling 'Halloween' movies

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