Top 5 Cameos we want to see in Hangover 3

Hangover 3 is already in the making after part 2 tore box office records apart. The tear was in fact so huge we have decided to dedicate a top 5 list to our favourite actors who should be part of Hangover 3.

Not only should Hangover 3 provide the fun and random laughter that is required to make a successful comedy stick in that 'cult' category, but it should feature memorable characters who go the extra mile.

One classic comedy that showcases characters at their very best is of course 'The Big Lebowski'. Who can forget 'The Dude?'.

So here is our top 5 list of most desired cameos for Hangover 3 (in no particular order)

Cameos for Hangover 3

- Gary Busey

Probably the most insane man in Hollywood, Gary delivers the freak show required to make this work. In actual fact, Gary is just plain cooler than most people despite what you think of him.

- Tina Fey

Her comedy is so strong, a Sarah Palin invasion of the next movie would be desirable. 'Hot moms with guns' kinda thing?

- Charlie Sheen

You saw this coming. Charlie Sheen would be an epic addition to any movie based on comedy. He defines the word comedy. From 'winning', 'bi-winning', 'warlock', 'f-18 bro', to 'tiger blood' and 'Adonis DNA' you get the picture.

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

After his scandal, it would seem more appropriate not to include Arnie too prominently , but this could be a hilarious addition, if you look back at his comedy days in 'True Lies' or 'Junior'. Should Arnie be pregnant in this one?

- Dwayne Johnson as 'The Rock'

The Rock is such a great character that hasn't been transferred to the film world. It stays in wrestling history, but to incorporate the character of Dwayne Johnson's 'The Rock' would bring some strong laughs.

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