Top 5 April Fools Day pranks we want George Clooney to pull off

April fools day is nearing and the pranking preparations are in full swing for many of you, and for celebrities alike, including George Clooney. Every year stories emerge of ridiculous, unbelievable, and weird pranks, that inspire others to compete, but none are as expensive as his.

George Clooney is a notorious prankster, but has also been the victim. Some of his pranks have been epic, too epic for us to publicly release, but for those of you who want to imagine what he could do, this is our Top 5 would be George Clooney Pranks.

George Clooney Pranks Top 5

5. Send Brad Pitt flowers and marriage proposal, because, you know, that Bromance is just that close.

4. Do an interview with People magazine admitting that he took a bribe not to win an Oscar until 2012

3. Buy 3 tickets for Matt Damon to go bowling with him, only to not show up and instead send 2 hired sumo wrestlers to block his entrance into the bowling alley.

2. Go on David Letterman in a pure white dressing gown, and dance on top of a chair before admitting that he was 'banging 7 gram rocks' with Charlie Sheen.

1. Rent 2 Chinook helicopters, hire 30 actors, dress them up as Russian soldiers, and make them abseil down onto Ashton Kutcher's backyard and house rooftop with full assault gear.

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