Top 3 random and ridiculous videos depicting Kim Jong-un


How people see Kim Jong-un

News that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un faces a political crisis after his uncle was executed is unlikely to change the way people view the leader, and proof of that lies in the hands of the creative minds that seek to explain him.

The reclusive regime has never exactly been at the forefront of our positive thinking but North Korea, despite being a very secluded state, continues to fascinate us. It's a fairly dark, unknown world over there, but what we see and interpret, well, you could say was less serious and bleak.

For example, take a look at this drawing animation of Kim Jong-un…(warning, some viewers may be offended by the content.)

Draw my Life - The Kim Jong-un-iverse

Or this slightly more profane animation that explains Kim's inner intentions, along with those of other leaders.

Kim Jong-un animated dictator

Or perhaps you would be tempted to see College Humor's rendition of the young leader:

The Adventures of Kim Jong Un

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