Top 10 zany Celebrity pictures to use in your Resumé

We have seen the worldwide success of Vanessa Hojda, who accidentally sent a nutty Nicolas Cage picture to her potential employer. Thanks to her enormous error, the good intentions of her application have become a worldwide hit.

In the light of this, we have decided to compile the top 10 most crazy pictures for you to use in your next Resumé application (although not recommended) Why not add some spice to your job search and use a bit of Hollywood entertainment to get you noticed?

Top 10 insane pictures to use in your Resumé

Christian Bale

He's lost his temper a few times. Remember the Bale rant? Remember 'American Psycho'? Christian Bale is the perfect face to scare an employer into meeting you.


Charlie Sheen

Do you need some winning? Maybe a hint of insanity mixed with an incredible one-liner history will give you an edge when you attach this picture.


Tom Cruise

There's nothing more scary than a guy laughing at himself in the 3rd person. This is the perfect match for that strange, multi-personality side you want to show off.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Want to add that muscle feel to your picture? Add a little Arnold body to give it that extra brute force appeal and impress your employer with your biceps.

William Shatner

'Khannnnn!' Yes this is the perfect addition to make yourself heard through paper. Passion, intensity, it's all there.


Samuel L Jackson

Want to add an overly confident and arrogant factor to your resumé? Sam Jacks is your best friend. You're unstoppable!

Jim Carrey

Perhaps you want to show the lighter side of yourself. Plast this picture in big format under you Resumé for that comedy personality you want to show off.



For that added confidence factor, give your Resumé a little Oprah charisma to show your passion for crowds and random cheering.


Nicki Minaj

It's all about the bright colours and the 'I don't give a f***' attitude you want to show. Your employer is going to have to deal with your magic outfits.


Gary Busey

If you're looking for the total 'scare' factor, put in this Gary Busey classic to show that no one will be able to predict your next move at the office.

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