Tom Hanks salutes Solar flare and praises Julia Roberts on French TV

A huge solar flare is about to hit earth, but for Tom Hanks its business as usual, as he begins promoting his new film 'Larry Crowne' in Europe, which he stars in and directs.

Hanks spoke with French TV station TF1 about his new movie alongside Julia Roberts, saying how it was made to fight cynicism, and to promote positive thinking.

Hanks also compared his experiences from his work at the theatre to the roles he played on the big screen, and spoke about the fun he had by going from playing tragedy to comedy.

He also said that he saved a lot of time on the set of 'Larry Crowne' because he was in the director's chair. This meant that he didn't have to spend hours debating about his character's intentions whilst catering to the vision of the director. It made the process much faster when it came down to shooting scenes:

"Because it's all in my head."

When speaking about Julia Roberts, he praised her for her excellence, and intelligence when it came to using anger to bring out the comedy of the moment.

'Larry Crowne' tells the story of a middle age man who loses his job and goes back to college to start all over again. Hanks (Larry Crowne) in his quest to get a 'fresh start' joins a public-speaking class but soon discovers he has a crush on his teacher, Mercedes Tainot, played by Julia Roberts.

Hanks concluded his interview with a carefully rehearsed salute in French:

"Merci et voila!"

Larry Crowne comes out in US theaters July 1st

Larry Crowne trailer starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts

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