Tom Cruise worthy of a music record deal

Tom Cruise is getting praise on the set of Rock of Ages for having an amazing singing voice.

After the Mission Impossible star was attached to the film, blogs were buzzing about the unusual collaboration between film stars and music artists.

Well, now it seems that Tom Cruise has what it takes to be a professional singer, in a movie. Could this lead to an impossible to imagine but potential record deal?

Director Adam Shankman praised Cruise, and was genuinely enthusiastic about his approach to the method, and his personal techniques to study singing.

TheWrap - "He's been studying with -- seriously -- Axl Rose's voice teacher like five hours a day, "The prognosis is more than excellent."

Will Tom Cruise be releasing an album after this movie? It s entirely possible, as other actors have also delved into music such as Billy Bob Thornton and Russell Crowe. Although not mainstream music artists as such, their passion for music is just as strong as acting.


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