Tom Cruise: "Tony was my dear friend"

Tom Cruise led tributes to his "dear friend" Tony Scott this week after having worked closely with the director in his final days.

Tony Scott commited suicide on Sunday to the shock of the whole film industry. The director was in pre-production for 'Top Gun 2' that would have brought back the iconic 1986 classic to the spotlight in this highly anticipated sequel.

Cruise was a close friend of the director, and had got on very well during the shooting of 'Top Gun'. The script for the sequel was almost close to completion, and both Cruise and Scott had toured a naval air station to scout locations for their new collaboraion.

It is unclear how the production will proceed without Scott or whether Tom Cruise will want to continue without his vision. No official announcement has been made about the future of the production at the time of writing. Could Ridley Scott take over from his brother?

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